pt电子游戏 如何提升UCAT考试备考效率


  It can be intimidating to think about taking these very important UCAT exams, but with a little preparation now, you can exceed your own expectations. In order to get yourself ready for the big day, consider these tips:

  Schedule Wisely While it can be very tempting to put the test off until the very last moment, and there is the option of waiting until late September to take the exam, this isn’t recommended. It is important to study for the UKCAT, and you don’t want to be doing this on top of school work. It’s best to schedule the test for the summer months, when it can have your undivided attention.

  Make Time Don’t try to do a last minute cram session for this test. That will only increase your anxiety levels and leave you ill-prepared. Set aside time, regularly, to study and do so for several weeks before the exam. In general, it is recommended that you set aside four hours per day for three weeks before the test. This may be done on your own or in the form of UCAT courses.

  Collect Study Materials in Advance The more practice questions that you have at your disposal when you get ready to start studying, the better. Collect as many practice exams as you can now, whether in a UKCAT book or via online resources, so you won’t be scrambling to find them later.

  Mimic the Test Taking Environment Much of the anxiety that people feel when taking these tests has more to do with the atmosphere than it does with the material. If you practice in a similar situation, you will be less intimidated on testing day. That means that you should remove yourself from distractions, choose a quiet area, and work your way through a practice exam from start to finish without interruption.

  Be Comfortable and Calm on Test Day Be sure that you go to bed early the night before, so you can get plenty of sleep. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Eat a big breakfast before you go, and walk in with confidence. If you prepared well, there is no reason to feel nervous.