The city's high-tech telecom fraud case types were sorted out and prevented, and special personnel were arranged to provide SMS warnings for suspected deceived residents in the city 24 hours a day. From the beginning of the year, the Karamay City Public Security Bureau has taken various measures to crack down on and control telecom fraud. And for the city suspected of being deceived, the residents successfully alerted 231.


Recently, the reporter learned the above information from the Public Security Bureau of the city.

It is understood that with the rapid development of network communication technology, the means of telecom fraud is also constantly upgrading. In order to reduce the number of telecom fraud cases in the city and enhance the public's awareness of the prevention of telecom fraud, from 2017 to now, under the leadership of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Party Committee, under the concerted efforts of all members of the city, the Municipal People's Congress, the Municipal Party Committee, the Political and Legal Committee, the Municipality More than 20 unit departments including the Public Security and Inspection Department have set up special work leading groups to continuously promote the special action of "combating new crimes against telecommunications networks".


Among them, the Municipal Public Security Bureau has been working on the characteristics of the city's case and formulating measures to vigorously carry out the prevention of telecom fraud. For example, the establishment of a multi-sectoral, multi-industry joint defense joint management work mechanism, opened up a green and fast query channel for banks, communications and other departments, coordinated with the member units to carry out targeted prevention and publicity, timely notification of new fraud crimes; The criminal police detachment also regularly sorts out the city's high-profile fraud and prevention cases, through the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the branch office, the Criminal Police Detachment WeChat public number, the government, the city, the district major websites regularly issued targeted to enhance the public's fraud on telecommunications Understand and recognize, and raise public awareness of the prevention of telecom fraud.