A word in this book can sink into the heart. Many things are like this. Only at a certain moment in the future can we exert value. Most of the time we are preparing ourselves to make flowers, we have to take root and think of what we used to be. On the day of study, go to bed early and get up late. In addition to eating and doing the problem, you can make a meal. You can give yourself two episodes of friends every day. The social network can burn for up to half an hour. Now, in retrospect, you will feel that it is difficult to breathe the air, think about it. In fact, I am not a very persistent person. Once I have invested, I will become a habit. If I am boring, I will still have fun, and I will never be tired. In the future, we will shape our way, the book we have read. The things that have been done are the most intuitive.

Usually, you rarely see complaints from people who are trying to enrich themselves. They are not troubled by the so-called fate, because their hearts are already rich enough to give them confidence to cope with all kinds of bad environments. Once they have such a peaceful heart, On the contrary, you can see a lot of fun in life. What kind of things you want to be, what kind of things you have to do, how much time you can get into adult society, you can't arrange it yourself, most of them must be nine to five, you can see it intuitively. The state of each person is completely different, some people have energy, some people have ideas, others are tired every day, and they can't think of anything new. Maybe you also think, why can someone be so comfortable? They always shine, they always have unexpected thoughts, they always have the judgment that ordinary people don't have, they always change with their own ability

xx别人的意见也改变了自己的情况。我经常羡慕别人,羡慕别人拥有的才能,并羡慕别人在很多方面都有一个亮点。我想除了学习之外没有其他游戏。有些人一步一步地进入循环,一遍又一遍地看着它,有些人和朋友来回圈出十几次。事实上,他们没有错过任何东西,他们没有学到任何东西。他们只是打发时间并等到时间花费到12: 00.灯光进入睡眠状态。如果我们都朝九点到五点工作,那么回家的时间实际上是三四个小时。每天学习一点。过了一会儿,你可以掌握一项新技能。我们需要跳出我们的舒适区并尝试。做一些新的,也许是英语,也许是插花,也许是一张照片。